Additional Ventures Expansion Award

Closing Date: 04/05/2023

Funding is available to research teams around the world to support the expansion of existing single ventricle research studies and the addition of single ventricle-directed aims to ongoing studies.

Additional Ventures is a non-profit organisation based in the United States that utilises evidence-based research and subject matter expertise to pursue innovative projects pertaining to biomedical research, climate action and the strengthening of community and democracy.

As single ventricle heart disease is an understudied subject area, Additional Ventures is offering funding to accelerate research into the topic. The Expansion Award programme supports the expansion of scientific research into single ventricle heart disease and the expansion of enabling technologies within the field. Funds may be used for the following purposes:

Expansion of existing single ventricle studies through the use of additive technology, approaches or tools. This may involve bringing in new equipment (bioreactors, microscopes etc), expanding clinical studies to more site or developing existing computational tools and software.

Addition of single ventricle-directed aims to ongoing studies. In this case, funding will be awarded to candidates with awards in an adjacent field who wish to apply technology or findings to single ventricle for the first time. Example projects include the assessment of gene or molecular candidates in the context of single ventricle or the application of computational tools for single ventricle populations.

The 2023 cycle of the Expansion Awards will focus on Focus Areas II-V from Additional Ventures’ Roadmap to Solving Single Ventricle Heart disease, downloadable here. The key focus areas aim to:

  • Understand the origins of single ventricle disease.
  • Define biological mechanisms of outcomes.
  • Effectively predict, prevent and address clinical sequelae.
  • Focus on functional cures, not palliative approaches.
Funding body Additional Ventures
Maximum value €50,000
Reference ID S24795
Category Medical Research
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