ABC UK COVID-19 Impact Fund

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Grants given to NHS Trusts and academic organisations to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic in light of its effects on individuals with bladder cancer, such as new treatment pathways, future pandemic responses and small epidemiological research projects.

Set up as a registered charity in 2009 by a group of urologists and patients, Action Bladder Cancer UK (ABC UK) seeks to improve research and patient outcomes and support in the area of bladder cancer.

ABC UK’s COVID-19 Impact Fund is separate from its normal annual grants programme and is a response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its serious impact on individuals with cancer. ABC UK recognises that bladder cancer patients have been seriously affected by delays in diagnosis, treatment and surveillance testing/monitoring, and changing treatments, treatment pathways and patient behaviour.

The aim of the scheme is to help the NHS and research community respond to the continuing impact of COVID-19, for any future wave or crises, and to improve the treatment and experience of those with bladder cancer. There is also a desire to support the development of the positive lessons that have been learnt about patient treatment pathways and processes resulting from the necessary changes made due to the pandemic. The scope of this fund is deliberately broad to avoid limiting ideas.

Project ideas could be small, practical steps to help frontline clinical staff and/or patients; small epidemiological research projects to look at changes in practice for bladder cancer treatment; new treatment pathways for bladder cancer patients; or testing new practices. Examples include:

  • Establishing what has emerged as ‘best practice’ for treatment of bladder cancer nationally during the first wave of COVID-19.
  • Learning lessons from experience to date during the pandemic and from changes already made.
  • Building on lessons learnt by implementing positive changes to restart bladder cancer services.
  • Improving treatment pathways for those with bladder cancer.
  • Preparing and planning responses for any future impact of COVID-19, to maintain the diagnosis and treatment of bladder cancer patients.
  • Communicating with patients as systems change.
  • Easing access to small items and/or consumables otherwise not readily available.

Applications are invited for stand-alone work or to top up or complement other funding.

Funding body Action Bladder Cancer UK (ABC UK)
Maximum value Discretionary
Reference ID S22466
Category Medical Research

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